The sadness behind this prompt hits me hard as I write this. The kid shown in the pic lost her father today. Her mother, whom I see as an exceptionally strong woman, fought till the end, staying afloat with her Buddhist beliefs and chanting “Nam myoho renge Kyo.” It kept her going, if nothing else.

She is totally deflated now, after the incident. She, who led a fatherless life (her father being a drug-addict), just uttered the words “My daughters will meet the same fate.”

I’ve penned here my thoughts for the family.

you were born to adversity
blessed with a rare courage
which you’ll always have
more than your counterparts

May you be resilience of a lotus
rather than fragility of a rose 
May you bloom unlike others
wholeness from broken parts…

May you never need support
stand strong against currents
May you win battles in essence
before they dare to start….

26 thoughts on “Grief

  1. This hit home,, I also lost my dad not too long ago and it really is sad… But you have to stay strong so I give my hope to her and her family.

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  2. Reena,
    It broke my heart to read this. My cousin lost his father at a young age and then his 9-yr.-old son lost his mother. Some cycles of tragedy seem incomprehensible but I too hope that from such tragedy beauty, strength, and resilience will grow. Lovely poem.

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