Chirpy Mornings

Photo by Timi Keszthelyi on

My morning starts with chirping of birds on the ledge. 

They keep communicating, while gorging on biscuit crumbs. At times, they fly away suddenly as my cat, Rainbow barges into the room. 

One of the lovebirds is quite bold. She continues to demand fearlessly, about six inches away from my hand. Then, I notice the nest with her babies, and understand the urgency. She needs food to feed them.

Rainbow shot out today, as the door was opened to keep the garbage out. I’m so happy we live in a high rise, and the birds are beyond his reach.


20 thoughts on “Chirpy Mornings

  1. Our cats are permanently indoors too, though at ground level. Sometimes the black Bombay (canine-like in unconditional affection, with a ravenous appetite) slinks out the back door to be with the dogs whereby they promptly sit on him and kiss him as I attempt to rescue his purring, furry, cheeky rear-end from being pancaked with love. Beautiful scene Reena! I’m glad the birds can sing and appreciate Rainbow’s intent from a distance.

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