you and I ~ a trimeric

You and I ….a trimeric by s.s.


look into my eyes 
turn the pages of my mind
watch the words tessellate
you and I

turn the pages of my mind
celebrate the poetry
rhyming our lives

watch the words tessellate
sync our worlds in song
Oh the lyrics feel just right

you and I
keep making up stories
in each other's eyes


Mindfills for
dVerse poetry form ~ Trimeric, hosted by Grace
Reena’s exploration challenge
Eugi’s weekly prompt ~ celebration

1. Trimeric has 4 stanzas
2. The first stanza has 4 lines
3. The other three stanzas have 3 lines each
4. The first line of each stanza is a refrain of the corresponding line in the first stanza (so 2nd stanza starts with the second line, third stanza starts with the third line, etc.).
5. The sequence of lines, then, isabcd, b – -,c – -, d – -.

No other rules on line…

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