The Font of nature #poetic script

The font of nature … poetic script …. by judeitakali

LORA:This world has taken you my love. The oceans dissolve our intimacy, and vast new lands seek to replace me!

PAUL: Weep not my beauty, lest your heart falters. The stars here may not align with those at home; but I plot them all the same– as we did our parting night. Constellations forged by our love.

Colleen’s ekphrastic photo

The Font of nature
Written in the darkest skies
My way back to you

LORA:Leave me be my truest, forget me! For memory aches and my heart quakes; your absence pounding and ripping at its seams!

PAUL:Think not that, I beseech you my blossom. For each day I limp the tunnels of time; and they are not dark, for they grow lush with this love we have nurtured.


The Font of nature
Rewarding a Gardener's hands
Blooms of commitment

LORA:Where be thou these lonely nights?…

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