I Can’t Dance

I can’t dance …by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

“How can I take her out dancing, if I don’t know how to dance” said Jim to his friend Bob while they were at the antique book store.  Bob replied, “Most of the people on a dance floor are doing basic, simple, repetitive steps and you can do this if you build up your confidence.  Dancing is always done with music, so you must feel the beat, and everyone feels awkward the first time that they dance.  Some people spend years taking dancing lessons and they are still uncomfortable dancing in front of others.  The people who are out there dancing are too busy worrying that they won’t make a mistake, so you won’t have to worry about them judging you.  Practice will help, but you can’t get into the rhythm of the music till you can discern the beat.”

Jim said, “I listen to a lot of music, but…

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