‘If I had to give one reason why brain science fascinates me so much, it is dreams.”

“All of us dream, but don’t really remember all the weirdness.”

“You nail it, when you say weirdness. Dreams are complex movies created by remnants of passing thoughts, images, memories, but we have no control on how those are processed and presented.”

“This gets interesting now… are you saying it is possible for us to control it?”

“It is my DREAM to control it, and engineer the life I’d like to live …. needless to say, deletion is an important part of the process.”


29 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Good one, Reena. The most peculiar dream for me is the dream within a dream – have these at least a few times of the year – and they are utterly fascinating. Then there is the recurring dream, featuring similar buildings and environments.


  2. Quite a thought provoking piece!
    The topic of dreams is extremely interesting. I don’t have a feeling that we can control what they’re built from except I’ve found we can excluded unpleasant passing moments by speaking them out loud. That brings them further from our subconscious ‘library’.

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  3. It better be!
    the part about deletion.., is essential and, nearly impossible to be one hundred percent effect,

    Memory-provoking Six… takes me back to undergrad days and experiments in lucid dreaming


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