Style Tuesday – Step out for Revenge Shopping


Economies, both national and international await a wave of ‘revenge shopping’ to boost revenues.

People who have been ‘locked down’ for long are likely to hit shopping malls with a vengeance, and compensate for all that they have missed in the last 15 months.

I’ve lovingly and forlornly cleaned my bags and shoes every month, with a soft cloth, and put them away again. Shoes are longing to see action, to take you places and breathe in fresh air.

I bought a new pair of shoes, yesterday, and surreptitiously, stacked them away in the shoe closet, hoping not to be noticed by the man in my life. Not that silent look of askance again –Did you really need that ?

How many of you identify with this household scenario ?

Shoes step out of the car, before you do. Shoes are the first thing that are noticed for both…

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2 thoughts on “Style Tuesday – Step out for Revenge Shopping

  1. Normally, I keep my spending on clothes under $30 when I go out and allow myself to browse. Yesterday, with the most recent lockdown here ended, I spent $90 on clothes. I used the excuse to myself, “That’s 3 $30 trips put together that you would have done if you were allowed to go out.”


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