Free From the Void

Free from the void …by Jim

A Unique Title For Me

I’m not languishing, I’m dormant, but very soon since I have gotten both of my Covid injections, I plan to get on with my life again.  All of the masking and social distancing was miserable and I had to neglect doing many things that I love.  Now that I have wakened from my sleep caused by the pandemic, my life has taken on new meaning for me and I plan to flourish.  I have been cautiously biding my time, nurturing new ideas, and waiting for the good times to roll again.  I look back at the lockdowns as a method that recharged my batteries, so now it is time for the winter of my discontent to be over.  I had been conserving my energy, but I’m no longer lying in wait.  If something interesting comes along, I’ll pounce on it, like the cat that I am.

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge…

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