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His eyes are on her hands, as she performs certain chores around the room, and occasionally, he interjects, “Handle it carefully, you’re not doing it right.”

She happens to be discussing an article she read, but probably, her thought process is of no interest to her.

She is never allowed to complete a sentence, because he has intervened to impose his own thought process on the subject.

She turns back to online discussions on subjects that interest her.

Presence can be physical, interfering, foreboding, soothing, understanding, silent …..

When absence ceases to matter, know that the presence did not matter too.

21 thoughts on “Presence

  1. I’m with the others on your closing line, offers a perspective that, had the other been open to another view, things might have been different.*

    Thought-provoking Six, as always

    *yeah, a bit idealized… there is, imo, no remedy for those who would see the world exclusively as revolving around themselves… all others useful only to reinforce their belief in this viewpoint, there can be nothing new


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