The Prize is being given for a discovery, not an invention. The scientist calls it an ‘act of God’ and not his creation.

A new breed of insects discovered feed on viruses (not the man-made computer ones). They are fed the deadliest ones and its mutants, and the tiny insects appear to thrive on those. 

Windows are shut as those insects throng the sky.

“OMG!” Someone in the lab exclaims, “Have you tested the impact of these insects on humans? Or have you released a new monster in the world?”

The deed is done. It is biological warfare.

12 thoughts on “Warfare

  1. It’s scary how it really could happen just like that. Great twist on the prompt Reena!

    There are scientists working right now with isolated communities to negotiate the experimentation of releasing particular modified species into the natural habits around those communities to help suppress the population growth of a different pest in those areas. The show Un-natural Selection on Netflix goes through it well.

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