Invisible goddesses

The drama next door is considered worth watching, where a recently widowed woman is seen suspended behind a powerful stream of words,

“Don’t underestimate my pent-up rage and hatred of 30 years, against the patriarchal system. In every lifetime, you will encounter a Durga or Kali with a Trishul to shred your puny ego into tiny pieces. Watch me carefully, and know that there is a furious goddess that resides within every woman of this family, waiting to explode. Acknowledge the insecurity and fears which made you do whatever you did, and know that your acts are a shame of the family, which future generations will pay for.

“I did it for the worst possible reason, because I could.” 

The line is notorious now, but male behaviour patterns in patriarchal societies have not changed. 


Durga and Kali are Hindu Goddesses which wreaked havoc to avenge humiliation of women.

Trishul is a three-pronged fork-like weapon.

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