Selling skills

“We don’t have your size, Sir!” The salesgirl gestured.

“Okay,” the tourist smiled congenially, “Tell me your secret, how do you maintain such fab figures and skin textures?”

“It is cultural – habits passed down for generations.”

“We do have a cultural background as well – a very rich heritage.”

“But you got busy imitating others. Lifestyles, habits and beliefs all need to match.”

Whatever she said made sense. It also needs special skills to market your cultural heritage and turn it into a successful commercial venture.

Who thought of glass skins as a selling point, when smoothness is all that’s needed.

34 thoughts on “Selling skills

  1. Since I am an American, I got to thinking about passing down American culture. Lots of rabbit trails to follow! We have so, so many cultures in this country! People do tend to settle in neighborhoods whose culture is like their own. So much of our culture is based on the customs, foods, special days of those who have left their homeland to settle here. We truly are a melting pot, and I, for one, am thankful for the diversity` that lives and thrives in this country.

    Let freedom ring!

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  2. oooo, glass skins… that would be…hmm, I want to say shattering, but it doesn’t seem right. I can imagine glass skin on a person… there would definitely be a need for nice clothing.. hehe. Have a great week.

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  3. There is so much wisdom in this. Maintaining all of one’s culture is a lot of effort, but is it really necessary? Some cultural details really should be forgotten, like the binding of lotus feet, female circumcision, murdering of independent daughters, and… maybe glass skin?

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