Paradise Lost

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I was woken and shaken up by the novel Atlas Shrugged at one point of time, and then relegated it to the basement of consciousness  – as unattainable idealism.

I don’t know why the smell of yellowing pages wafted back into memory, with the news of Covid vaccine patent waivers. An industrialist at the helm of Covid vaccine production in India fled to the United Kingdom, citing unusual pressure from those in power, to deliver beyond his capacity.

The story is similar, but priorities and perspectives have changed. Life matters more than intellectual property rights.

weary battle hands

raised in total surrender

-go this way or that

it will be paradise lost

in hope of better bunkers

10 thoughts on “Paradise Lost

  1. Ayn Rand was highly educated and the warnings she wrote in Atlas Shrugged should be listened to. Some of her predictions have already come to fruition.

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