On the edge of darkness #writephoto

On the edge of darkness ….. By judeitakali

tales told different

On the edge of darkness
The ripples of disillusionment spread amok
And drops of fear echo menacingly in the rivers of hope
A rot festers on the banks of virtue
And morals are corrupted
Failure taints desire
Love becomes obsession
Regret hammers joy on an anvil of expectation
And heartbreak spawns shattered dreams beneath still waters!

As the storm clouds gather
You absorb the last light of memory
And store it like a battery
For you have seen dark days
Witnessed many succumb to dismay
And scraped through by the skin of your teeth
But the storm is coming
And its plagues are brewing

So you prepare
Spray that special cologne
Doll up to your finest
Ready to defy the darkness with beauty,
Or embrace it with seduction
For the light is gone
There is no weapon to wield
And all you can do is numb your senses
While draining…

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