A very interesting take by Jim Adams on Xploration Challenge #184

A Unique Title For Me

I thought she was real, but she turned out to be a mannequin made out of fiberglass, actually durable high-impact molded plastic which makes her lightweight, and virtually unbreakable.  She comes fully dressed wearing top of the line makeup on her realistic face and this adult female fashion model also comes with a wig.  She is extremely flexible for different poses and she comes with adjustable fingers, and a rotating removable head that gives you the option for popping out her eyeballs to change their color, or make it seem like she is looking in another direction.  She could be a sex doll, if you are into that kind of thing, as she has lifelike genitals, but she is supposed to be used for window display, or to illustrate how certain clothing will look on you.  There is also an option for breast implants, which might work out well, if…

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