Whose voice is it?


What is the opposite of megalomania?

Google gives me the following words.

Humility, servility, meekness, lowliness and 20 other similar words.

I look for the words ‘assertiveness’ and ‘confidence’ but fail to find those.

Is a balanced personality the mezzanine floor, somewhere between being arrogant and boastful, and being servile?

Mama Bear’s bed is too soft, and Papa Bear’s bed too hard, whereas Baby Bear needs something that is ‘just right?’

Yes, it is this ‘just right’ feeling that some of us fail to receive in childhood. Being pampered too much may boost self-worth for a short time, but lack of that support in the outside world causes teenagers to break down.

We’ve not been told “We are Enough”, “We are just right”.

Scene 1

Kamla, a woman who had suffered abuse for several years, stated her case in simple words.

“When I got married, my…

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