A non-believer in the metaphysical realm, he is compelled by his daughter to take the meditation course.

She finds him derisive at day-end,

“The teacher asked me to imagine myself digging deep in the soil, plug underground and get charged. Will she make me fly to compensate in the next session?”

“Dad, just keep doing what she says. You’ll sleep better today.”

His expression turned grim.

“Dreams tend to unearth imagination, and put me back in uncomfortable spots.”

There is seemingly no cure for paranoia of hypochondriacs, and the family does not have too many options either. 


3 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. This one hit painfully close to home, Reena. You’ve described paranoia at odds with what could help — meditation, mindfulness, tapping, emotional reprogramming, yoga, even eating balanced foods. Family members feel so lost in the end. At least we can meditate!


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