Negative spaces

Soundproof rooms help me focus on the inner voice.

I don’t want interference.

I don’t want to be told what to do.

Cut the cacophony out…

I hate the political crap on TV

Wait a minute…

Doesn’t the inner voice reflect the outer world – a reverse mirror image.

Inner reality is what I want to do, hear, speak or just be.

I want to hit on new ideas.

I want to implement creative thoughts.

I want to write, paint, cook, read, play with my pet, do something that gives me joy..

It makes sense now.

How easy is it to discover what makes sense?

Michaelangelo was asked how could he create something as magnificent as the statue of David. The answer was,

“Easy. I just chipped off everything that was not David.”

My personality is shaped a lot what I did not want to be, and I found those negatives in my immediate environment.

We find sacred spaces within us, only when we cut out all that is unholy, unacceptable, unethical, ungainly, un…whatever

Talk about what’s easy 🙂


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