Mind and reality. A poetic letter.

Mind and reality ….by Judeitakali

tales told different

My dearest Halima,

I write you on this cold September evening with unsavoury tidings.
As I’ve delved into my research on mind and reality, I have contemplated many things, and my findings have diverged horribly so.
I have conjured beauty unknown and unseen,
Chrysanthemums of ethereal brightness, from the bossom of deepest fantasy.
But also the effigies of darkest dread, from the bowels of terror and fear.

My reflections have unveiled worlds most wonderful, and those most grotesque!
And now I skulk in the one remaining place of refuge,
My sacred space.

Dry desert of thought
Remission for sanity
Consciousness decays

My sweet lemondrop,
I apologise for my extended absence, but I do not know when, or if I will return.
I write to beg your forgiveness,
And implore you to sever your love,
For I have gone where mere mortals must never go.
And if I…

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