Grinning away to victory

The Managing Director called for an urgent meeting of all designers in the company.

“Hereafter, all baby clothes will have pockets and will be in all possible colours – not majorly pink and blue. Change the store layouts to make them more inclusive.”

“Is there a new directive on Diversity and Inclusion?”

“No. I’m bringing up a child, and know how they respond or react. They are individuals with strong minds of their own.”

“Then, we need new metrics for consumer behaviour too?”

“Yes, hire a child psychologist and parenting coach.”

His adopted daughter grinned from behind the conference room partition.

33 thoughts on “Grinning away to victory

  1. Let me guess, his daughter is a child psychologist and/or parenting coach? My son and his wife just had a baby and they didn’t know what the gender would be during the pregnancy. They have a “woodlands” theme for the room and the baby’s clothes. It still seems weird to see pics of her in the neutral colors, but you know what, it’s a lot more peaceful looking than the bright pinks, yellows, greens, and blues of the “old style” baby clothes.


  2. I recently read that they don’t want clothes separated by gender anymore but to have everything in one section. I believe that this was as a result of a little girl who wanted a toy which was meant for a boy.


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