Lipstick Power


I see cosmetic companies disposing off stocks of lip colors, because covid masks have taken away power of the lips.

But we are interacting online more than ever, and what does a person see? Your face and shoulders.

The designer outfit, killer heels and fancy handbag are conspicuous by their absence. When was the last time you used these much-coveted, expensive items?

If we are talking about the face, can lips be far behind?

Sounds a bit OTT (over the top) ! But these words were not spoken at birth. This is the experience of a woman culled over the years, that makes her espouse the cause. Red is for everybody, if coordinated properly. And all those who deride women wearing it, are the ones that envy the confidence of the woman.

I read and hear all the advocates of carefully constructed nude lips, and the gender-neutral advocates who want…

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