the lump 
in my throat
grows a new spike
every day
can’t swallow
or eject

It injects venom
through a new spike
every day
to induce negativity
the mind
can’t reject

thoughts stored
in cells
encounter spikes
every day
they can’t eliminate 
but just act…



11 thoughts on “Spikes

  1. It used to be said that art was a mirror held up to nature; modernists held that the mirror was an ornate rose window more valuable than the reflection – But what if nature IS the self, our body, and we understand ourselves much better finding ourselves in nature than the other way around? The Anthropocene sure suggests we consider that, and fast … The spiky venom here is foreign and not, is a defense and a victim of it. As is rage, and grief without purchase. Protects the seeds but at what necessary cost?

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