If you are a dreamer, come in..

The line is from Shel Silverstein’s poem, Invitation, as published in his wonderful book, Where the Sidewalk Ends. 

Shel Silverstein is an American writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter and playwright. 

The prompt is set by Lillian at dVerse Poets Pub

We don’t walk around here, we float, without moving from our comfy spaces.

The kitchen has no food in it, just ideas. We serve books, blogs and videos in dining spaces. Mind you, we have a huge, insatiable appetite. Controlled diets are meant for the masses out there, who try to meet benchmarks.

It is a huge, airy space with no measuring devices. There is no passive consumption of content – from any medium. 

We germinate ideas, add value to others and create a different world. It is not so out of the world, as you are wont to think. It helps make sense of the outside world.

It helps us see connectedness between different spinning rocks in the universe, and all that floats in between.

If you are a dreamer, come in. There is only one condition – deprogram your mind before you step inside.

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