Freedom for her means only one thing – not being told what and how and when to do whatever she did. 

The acts she is reprimanded for, are not worth a thought to the saner people in the world. Like where and how should the dish-washing brush be placed, how much water should be used to mop the floor, groceries to be ordered for a kitchen she was running. 

She happens to be managing domestic chores in the corona phase in absence of domestic help, and controlling behaviour makes it feel like mental abuse.

Her favourite pastime is to imagine a life living alone. And then, she thinks 

“Will the dreaded sounds of interference stop, or will the demons continue to haunt her?”


14 thoughts on “Freedom

      1. I apologise Reena. I used my dictation software, as I am blind, but just realised it did not type your name right. Humblest apologies


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