Prachika Saxena

Empowered Women

Prachika Saxena, a top-level executive in a multinational hospitality chain, shares her journey –

I became a feminist, when I was not even aware of the term. At that stage, I felt a quest to feel equal, liberated, to grow and thrive at my will. I set out to challenge every single norm and expectations set by my parents, for doing what ‘girls from good families’ do.

Of course, my parents love me deeply, but subscribed to deep-rooted patriarchal notions that made life (read marriage) easy for me in future. Little did they realise that I was not the ‘archetypal subservient girl’, who would kowtow to things that did not appeal. I was labelled a rebel.

While all of this started at a very young age, I see women facing barriers and substandard treatment in board rooms, homes and society at large. While a woman strives to have her voice…

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4 thoughts on “Prachika Saxena

  1. it’s a difficult label, feminism, men can’t have babies, women are not men, in a nutshell,when we raise the higher spirit,we lift all boats and causes without causing division, thanks,there are a lot of inequalities, only working together can we solve them, otherwise,it’s a new form of tyranny, amen

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