I do’s, I Don’t’s

I dos I donts …. by Eugenia

Eugi's Causerie

marry, remarry, finding the right one

a novel notion, rev your locomotion

once, twice, three times a charm

institution, celebration, devotion

long term, short term, uncharm?

loyal, disloyal, unfair usage

kids, no kids, pets, no pets

shopping, cleaning, take out the garbage

finances, worries, too many debts

customs, rules, attitudes, beliefs

wedlock, united, forever together

commitment, sharing, some need relief

disquiet and angst, under the weather

best be sure before tying the not

pleasure, displeasure, whatever, whenever

life’s gonna change, ready or not

Reena’s Exploration Challenge#180


Your Daily Word Prompt – Disquiet – April 8, 2021

Word of the Day – Usage

List poetry – A poem that is made up of a list of items or events, usually without transitional phrases. It can be any length and rhymed or unrhymed.


image source – lovethispic.com

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