Golden Milestone

Golden Milestone …. by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

I have been making posts on WordPress every day and I never get any of those consecutive streak notifications, although I have read many posts where other people get them.  They send out these milestone notifications to encourage bloggers to keep on blogging here on WordPress.  Right now, WordPress says that I have 1336 followers and so far, today I have published 5 posts and I have received 238 views, but this also includes older posts that I made.  Today I got 115 visitors, which have viewed my posts with an average 2.07 times per visitor and I don’t think that any of these statistics are a milestone for me.

Out of the posts that I wrote today, Thursday Inspiration #103 Just Like A Woman has been the most popular getting 24 views.  G is for Galveston got 13 views, What the Flock got 10, It Breaks My Heart received…

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