I found a poem by Nikita Gill in a Google Search

Here’s my ‘flipped’ take on it.


immortal, imperceptible

evergreening, enriching, rolling

gathering impressions, shedding bodies

damaged by injuries

grieving, dodging


20 thoughts on “Soul

  1. Reena, I like the “prologue” of the Gill poem, which prepared me for your Diamante. The answer to the question floats an image laced with mostly fine scars but in some places whole chunks have been ripped off so it is misshapen. But its still pulsing, which is the best part.

    I also liked your interesting two terms to compare. Soul is like gun in the video example, such a rich term with many interpretations. To show its opposite as rock and the descriptors feels like a rosetta stone of sorts.

    Excellent meeting of the challenge!

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