Reena’s Xploration Challenge #179

Indira’s take on Xploration Challenge #179

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I give you the last line …

If I’m God, why do I need a bird’s eye view?

What do you do if you see your creation has gone berserk?

Just watch and let them do whatever they like?

The very first mistake was to assume that your creatures will behave as you like though in the beginning it was like that.

I happily watched them play, prey, fight, love according to my rules.

I let myself became one with all forgetting that you have to keep yourself at a distance in order to keep an eye on them so they don’t misbehave.

My fault.

Now they are fighting with each other like hell. I need to watch them from a distance to find the real cause of their destructive behavior, to find the real culprits and punish them.

Hope you all understand and don’t go on…

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