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“Homeless in the outer world, lives inside her mind” – the tagline to her social media profile intrigues, and she is no novice in the world after having spent a couple of decades here. I look forward to interviewing her for my fledgling show, and struggle with framing questions as newbie interviewers do.

“I must ask about the tagline on your social media profiles – where does it come from?”

“Home is not a place you are born in, or spend your life in. It is where you feel comfortable, and I see myself as eternally homeless with the battery of critics that surround me.

I am a writer today, because I needed a home, and found it only inside myself.”

24 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. I’ll join the others… but an enjoyable read and a thought-provoking Six*

    *but, among us, you’ve always had a definite talent for getting us Readers thinking


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