360 degrees feedback

Scene 1

“I hear the Branch Manager of JNPT branch is in a relationship with one of his colleagues. He is married ….” The boss is digressing from the topic of discussion.

“Should we really bother about personal lives of employees? He is an excellent performer.” I suppress a smirk as plenty of unsavoury stories about the Big Boss are also afloat in grapevines.

“We should. We should know all the weaknesses, which can be used against them, when the need arises. If HR policy does not have a clause on such relationships, it can be tweaked.”

“BTW, what is the source of this information?”

“I’ve got eyes and ears all over.”

“And most of them work right here, under this roof.…”

He is taken aback for a moment, but continues,

“Don’t you start pointing fingers now… I need these screens which show what is happening in different parts of the organisation.”

I don’t see merit in prolonging the discussion, so quit with grace.

Scene 2

The pantry discussions during lunch hour are related to the topic, but on a different note.

“What can be done to fix these bull xxxxters? They have the boss’s ear, but use it for all the wrong reasons. Careers and lives are at stake. We don’t work here just to keep people happy.”

“There’s nothing much you can do, in the existing power structure. Find another job, maybe….”

There are sighs of despair all around.

Scene 3

I find the boss in an amiable mood today.

“Sir, I guess we should focus only on performance in the appraisals.”

“What makes you think what is written between the lines is of no consequence?” His expression is changing.

“It is of consequence, only when we have information from reliable sources.”

“And who or what in your opinion, are reliable sources?”

“Let’s start getting a 360 degree feedback for each employee. It will be more objective.”

“If I am God, why do I need a bird’s eye view?”

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