If Man was God

If Man was God …by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

If Man was God,

Imagine how he’d lord,

He’d drop pennies as a blessing through Gpay wallets,

He’d surprise us on our birthdays with Zomato cakes,

He’d entertain us through Co(s)mic nights,

He’d take us anywhere with Google Maps to cite,

He’d post our achievements on Twitter handles,

He’d personally reprimand us through his channels,

He’d build boundaries over the cosmos,

He’d elongate life span concocting potions farther most,

Satisfyingly mystified,

He would then proclaim with everything under his purview,

If I’m God, why do I need a bird’s eye view?

92 words

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for hosting Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 179 . This week the challenge was to use “If I’m God, why do I need a bird’s eye view?” as the last line. For rules please refer here. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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