The Journey

He won the Best Scholar of the Year Award, in the course of his PhD program.

“Sir, can you recapitulate your journey from an East Asian country to Harvard University for us?” asks the intern from another Asian country. He can see the glow of dreams in her dark, pool-like eyes.

“I don’t really know how days passed. My girlfriend was in trouble, as her family was forcibly marrying her off to a stranger. We applied to various universities in the US, and finally landed here. It was liberation from the confines of a patriarchal culture.”

“What about your journey in the university, and your research program?”

“I don’t really know”, he repeated with a far-off look in his eyes, “I just wanted her to be happy, and the thought ruled my day-to-day activities. She teaches in the same university now, and we are happily married.”

The intern gave up with a sigh. 

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