Turning Point

“Don’t be surprised when people and things disappear in a high progress cycle – everything that obstructs your progress will go,” says an astrological forecast.

I switch between being a believer and non-believer in astrology, but today, I feel inclined to believe. Life is taking a turn, at a bend I saw everyday but ignored.

“Are you sure changing gears makes sense at this age,” queries my boss as he stares at the resignation mail on his screen.

“Yes, I need to use all those gears I’ve never used so far. Advancing age also means that remaining life is short.”


19 thoughts on “Turning Point

  1. Excellent Six, Reena.
    “Life is taking a turn, at a bend I saw everyday but ignored.” For those daring enough to finally recognize it and act on it, I say bravo! It is true, the older we get, often the bolder we get. Better late than never.

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  2. and, keeping with your metaphor of gears (driving a vehicle) turns have a tendency to increase speed (something to do with angular momentum)… but that (effect) is best anticipated by any of us… who hope to hope to use all available gears in our race with mortality
    thought-provoking Six as par usualle

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