People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding.

I find myself visualising and counting the boxes inside their mind, and sadly watch the gist of what I say fall through the cracks. It hampers communication for sure. I start saying something, and then stop – knowing that it will fall between the cracks or boundary lines.

What is worse than that is the meaning getting twisted to fit in the boxes. 

I wish I was a psychologist or neurologist who understood the structure of the brain. The subject of my research would have been how to alter the neural pathways, and make people see things as they are.

Every incident happens at least twice – once in reality, and once inside the mind of the viewer. It depends on how the viewers felt at that point of time – what were they reminded of, and how would they like to carry the story ahead. Multiple versions are created after that, as the story gets transmitted to and through many people.

Communication is much more than words, tone, body language or grammar. It is about how you make something fit into the boxes in the listeners’ minds.

Frustrating …. for reality loses its relevance.

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