“I see bare branches dancing in the light, shorn of leaves. You missed the beauty of natural surroundings.” Sandeve was actually missing his wife.

“You know what, Sandeve! I danced alone yesterday. It feels so light to be alone, and free of expectations. I can lead my own life for some time.”

“I don’t blame you, honey! The lockdown and work from home has done this to several families. I hope there is light at the other ned, after the fog clears.”

“Till then, find time to live for yourself. No relationship is strong enough to survive 24-hour togetherness.”

27 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. That may be true for many, though, paradoxically, I know some who found new love in their existing love in the conditions of near-isolation, and some who found family where they did not FEEL they had one. Not that I’d recommend a 24 lockdown as a form of love experimentation … but the results aren’t uniform, as people aren’t, perhaps.

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  2. Love that last line. Familiarity can indeed breed contempt. We take deliberate breaks from each other, whether in-house or one leaves/one stays. If we are joined at the hip 100%, then we have no new experiences to tell each other about.

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