Concepts not clear

“He spent his life for the good of the community, but couldn’t find time for his family …. no wonder the family has grudges, while the world eulogises him.” 

Harriet was reflecting after attending the funeral service of the doctor.

“No intention of taking away from his goodness, but he failed to separate ego from service.

The concept of service was created to separate self-interest from actions, for the larger good of the community. But accolades inflate the ego, and one doesn’t want to give it up. The gap between what is needed, and what is done – can sometimes grow.”

26 thoughts on “Concepts not clear

  1. Wow. This hits home with a particular family member. Thanks. It actually helped remove a little of the sting of the situation. His funeral was exactly this sort of scenario.


  2. Ego and selfishness are insidious . What a tragedy for family who watch as strangers benefit from his attention and assistance while they, those closest to him, languish for being taken for granted.
    Great Six, Reena.

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  3. hey! Paul went to Lord Acton.. I was headed that way, but got stuck on how to parallelise* the concept of Power** and ego… but, he didn’t better.

    Thought-provoking as usual

    *not a ‘real’ word
    ** Power corrupts etc

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