Reena’s Xploration Challenge #177 – Who am I?

Who am I? ….by relaxitsallwrite

Relax, It's all Write

Time for a photo prompt!

My submission is based on the photo (my cover) offered by Reena,

My Submission 🙂

Sister, Employee, Daughter, Friend. 

Confidant, Cousin…my titles don’t end.

What I am to one, I’m not to another.

A stranger to most, but my kids call me, Mother.

I’m that annoying person, counting her change.

That gal on the floor who dances quite strange.

I passed you at the park and waved a brief hi,

The waitress who brought you extra fries.

I’m the one you saw staring at the clouds,

Marched to parliament, chanting aloud.

I let you in the line of traffic,

Paid for the few things in your basket.

I’m the one who walks her dog,

Showed your child that adorable frog.

Who I am is entirely subjective,

My hat depends on your perspective.

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