Strategic campaigns

“The electoral campaign strategy looks good, but what if public opinion sways to the other side?”

“If it does, the strategy is not good. Design mental processors in a way, that the outcome aligns, not collides, after touching the outside world.”

“You have a point there. We are no good without followers, and everything should make them think there is no alternative to following us, and let them believe it is their strategy to success.”

“Visual filters are obvious, others are subtle, but what they do is the same – processing to alter the final results.”

This prompt took me back to an article I wrote in 2015, and this piece takes off from there.

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17 thoughts on “Strategic campaigns

    1. Thank you, Zelda! It is not just politics. The internet we are so addicted to, has buttons placed in suggestive colors, pop-ups to obstruct your reading, all just to manipulate your behaviour in a certain way. And there are no laws to control it, because we are not paying for those sites.

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  1. and as any good salesperson will tell you, you don’t tell a person they want to buy, you describe what you have, tell them that everyone else loves it and, in passing mention they might not qualify to be an owner… and they will pay any price
    Thought-provoking Six as always

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