Unfiltered …. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

Days when bright rays of sun refuses to enthuse,

Distinction blurs as darkness budges to lose,

Thicketed walls of desperation,

Merges with unknown humble beads of perspiration,

A teeny weeny task feels like a mountain to be moved,

And its in my room where I’m all glued,

Is the falling sun failing everyday,

Oh! why do I grieve at failures this way?

Dawn comes after dusk,

Don’t they say? If I’m tiny in scheme of things in the universe, my failures ought to be tinier than a husk.

Dear self,

It’s in you to help yourself,

You’ve only fallen,

Quit moaning, don’t be crestfallen,

The sun wouldn’t have risen, if he hadn’t fallen,

And neither would we been eager day after day to welcome him, if he hadn’t fallen,

The darkness unfathomable doesn’t depict life itself,

It’s just alternating its wheels to show how much you can achieve by believing…

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