This human being

This Human Being ….. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

This human being is pondering,

What would be she be if not a soul encased in a human form, respiring?

Soaring eagle daring to touch the sky,

Ferocious tiger predating ferociously shy?

A leaf nearing end from a broken twig,

Or a peacock wooing with its latest jig?

This human being is wondering,

Human beings crave to carve an individuality for themselves considering,

Every other creation is identified collectively,

While we look to be identified specifically,

Yearning to be different from the rest,

Are we succeeding in this test?

This human being is contemplating,

We know a crow as a crow and not by its name debating,

Its individual identity,

Then why we do attach so much importance to this self-identity,

Signing off as human being collectively,

Far more precious than my individual identity optimistically,

This human being is thus concluding,

This soul encased in a human form is a…

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