One up

“Take care, Harry! There’s a shredder in there.”

He stepped back in a reflex move.

“Don’t worry about your limbs. It shreds egos.”

“When will you stop spinning stories?”

“I already did. Might throw away the paints and brushes too…”

“But why?”

“I come here to accept defeat. I can’t replicate the original artist.”

“Hmmm… something like those scientists trying to make synthetic butter in the labs, with less calories.”

An awkward  silence followed. But Harry was not willing to let go.

“Sally, why don’t you create something better on your canvas, and let the original get inspired by you?”

26 thoughts on “One up

  1. Very clever. The whole is always more than its parts, in nature and in art. Copying something and adding a spin to it can improve the view on the subject.

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    1. Replication happens in hope of success. Most of the modern day gurus tell you they achieved success by doing what their mentor told them. The unspoken part is that they expect you to do whatever they tell you, without asking questions.

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