Being Human

This being human is
a garb
which seeps into my soul
compels me
to do certain things
in a certain manner
and believe…
in my supremacy over others

It gives me the luxury
of analysis
of thought
of choice
of brain power

Then takes it 
all away
when I feel
or regret

Why can’t I
just do it right
the first time?

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34 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. This was a very thoughtful approach.

    In our beings there exists voices with choices. All claim a right they can’t stand up to. That’s why we doubt a lot. And think a lot. What if we didn’t listen to the voices and just be? Wait, am still thinking with a certain voice. LOL. This is us… 😅


  2. ‘a garb
    which seeps into my soul’ – yes, this garb can really poison our inner life I think!
    The picture you used here really caught my eye and illustrated your point well.

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