Rumour mills are agog that the President’s wife is a super-natural being. Domestic staff says mirrors do not reflect her presence.

I pinch myself to confirm if I exist, if I’m real. Does a world exist outside my mind, my imagination? 

I probe the voice, which talks about the President’s wife. There is yet another voice talking about all of us being in a simulation. Who drives the simulation, and what could be the purpose of carrying out this insane experiment?

Insane, aha …. something called sanity. Just like, there’s no good without evil, no darkness without light. Sanity needs to have a reason for being. I prefer keeping in mind even the possibility that existence has its own reason for being.

“Switch it off”, says a voice. It feels real. I float through the walls effortlessly.

Another voice – “I’m sorry, he’s no more.”

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