Self discovery #poetry and #prose

Self-Discovery ….. by judeitakali

tales told different

“Who am I?”
The ageless question.
Simple for some,
Difficult for others.

I search my conscience
And upend memory
Weigh my heart on the scales of deep truth
Think of the lengths to which I would go
And the lines I would dare not cross
In there, somewhere
I find but fractions of my nature
Yet still I am pleased
For every sliver of self discovery
Is more than priceless!

Who am I; if I’ve seen through an angel’s eyes
And dwelt in a demon’s lair
If I’ve scaled the mountains of love
And endured the chasms of depression
Who am I if I long to soothe each lonely heart
And bring a tear of emotion to all
If I seek to touch the darkness within
And tell it; that there is no reason it can’t be beautiful
That longing is a pathway to empathy
And that depression can herald…

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