Weird Dreams

I wake up with a start.

I dreamt I had turned into an app, with a lot of books in it. Friends and family, all those who had earlier labelled me a bookworm, have downloaded me on their devices.

Many of them will see me in that “Least interacted with” list. They love to have me at their fingertips, rather than flipping the pages of something they never learned to like.

I would like them to be curious about the new features, rather than opening archived files. Not sure how they will react or respond.

I go back to sleep, and dream of a new invention which allows apps to block users.

14 thoughts on “Weird Dreams

      1. Okay, if I deleted that “I was a mess” from memory, I still wouldn’t want anyone to see the archives. As for boring…maybe not boring but definitely not exciting.:)


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