Reena’s Exploration Challenge – My cover story # 176

My cover story ….by Sadje

Keep it alive

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome to yet another week!


Our prompt this week has the potential to cover more than the written word. Think images, computer art, paints and brushes or a camera lens. Words are not going anywhere though, because that is what we are talking about.

If you are a book, what will the cover look like?

You are free to use any medium you like to describe.

I have chosen the most beautiful image I could find on Google

It shows beauty and chaos that is present in my mind

Not that I consider myself beautiful, but if I were a book

I would be full of interesting ideas and conflicting notions

There would be a barrage of diverse views on anyone who’ll read it

My deep faith gives my thoughts a sublime beauty

And my ever jumping thoughts on a…

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