A tale from yore

A tale from yore ……by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

A mythological tale,

It may be from days of yore,

But oh my! What relevance it holds even in today’s time,

A story of grit, determination and perseverance,

Come one! Come all!

Hear me retell a tale from yore,

Of a little boy not more than five,

His provoking step-mother,

Ensured he was refused a seat on his darling father’s lap,

Dejected he was at first,

But didn’t let that get better of him.

With single minded dedication,

Started he a rigorous penance in the hope of sitting on his father’s lap,

Pleased with his prayers,

God appeared in front of him,

And not only was he granted a place on his father’s lap,

He ruled their kingdom for many, many years to come,

Was also bestowed a place for eternity,

In the skies,

As the Pole Star for everyone to look upto,

And that’s the story of Dhruva,


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