More than a friend

More than a friend ….by Happy Soul

Live Love Laugh Learn

He looked deep into the eyes of his best friend! He knew he was in love all the way, but held back his feelings, locked it up in his heart! He was very sure there was love both ways. But what would the society say? How would Dad take it? Can he even understand my love story? Will he put my interests above the societal acceptance?

“I am in love with my classmate. I don’t have the courage to talk to you and so I took to writing this letter! His name is Raj! I hope you read the Internet to know more about homosexuals Dad. I’m one! You mean a lot to me and I hope you accept my relationship. It means the world to me. Waiting to hear from you first thing tomorrow morning”

He gathered all his courage and dropped the letter on his Dad’s desk


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