Sweet Potatoes

My friend who is diagnosed with breast cancer tells me, sweet potatoes are anti-carcinogen. She has them baked, every day.

I donโ€™t relish it much, so try a sweet potato pudding with thickened milk and sugar. It turns out well, but sugar releases free radicals, which can induce body cells to go berserk and become cancerous.

OMG! Health freaks always drive me crazy, and no two opinions are the same.

Bad news hits. My friend with cancer has passed away.

I spend a day mourning, and decide to dispense with sweet potatoes. Of what use are those anyway?

31 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes

  1. I always say Reena, everything in moderation. We can only try our best with life. I believe that balance and a positive attitude will give me quality of life until it is decided that my time here is done. ๐Ÿ™

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  2. It is a true thing, that when someone doesn’t care for a healthy food they make it palatable with unhealthy additions. I love sweet potatoes and prepare them in many ways, mostly healthy. Although a touch of maple syrup (common in my part of the world) makes everything better.
    I wonder if the flash is entirely fiction. Life is short, enjoy the sweet potatoes as you like and as you can.

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  3. But sweet potatoes gave her hope, as long as she had something to do that she believed. Without that hope she maybe would not have lasted as long. Forgive the sweet potatoes and try them wedged and oil-rubbed and roasted on a tray with cloves of garlic and flaked salt. When cooked drizzle sweet chilli sauce sparingly and enjoy as a side to chicken or pork steak. Forgive and Love the sweet potato once more. X

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